Tuesday, February 7, 2012

M & M's Dark Chocolate Mint

I am not a chocolate person, in fact, if asked, I would tell you honestly I detested chocolate. Though I am lient enough to know that I cannot avoid the confection entirely. So I've learned to love the bitterness of Dark Chocolate, the one chocolate type I'll consume and enjoy. I also have this aversion to things being mixed in with chocolate, nuts, fruits and the like. One common combination doesn't bother me nearly as much, Mint and Chocolate. I like Mint Chocolate ice cream, so long as the Ice cream is mint, and there are just shavings of chocolate. So when Hersey's came out with these new Mint M & M's I was curious at best, my first impression was, "they have milk chocolate inside" but upon closer inspection I realized it was Dark Chocolate.

So, as curiosity goes, I finally caved into my urge and bought a pack at the end of my shift at work. I was hesitant at first, what if I didn't like them? Who would eat them if I happened to decide against them? Then, as if rationalizing my fears somehow, I tore off the corner and spilled into my hand a single M & M. I noticed it was a lot bigger than the normal milk chocolate ones, it was a bit rounder and more plump. I think it was a way for the consumer to enjoy more of the mint flavoring, now that I'm thinking on it.

I have to say, upon eating that first one I did not stop until the whole small bag was consumed. The mint flavoring went so well with the bitterness of the dark chocolate. It was some crazy beautiful balance between chocolate and mint, as if someone had found a way to perfectly balance them. The weird after taste, that is present in all Hersey chocolate products had been eliminated as well, which helped it work somehow. Yet as you continued to eat them it didn't feel like the mint was overwhelming, in fact it was very pleasant. It wasn't like other mint products which makes it unbearable after a time to consume anymore. In fact, I probably could have continued eating them, had I not run out so quickly!

So on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being terrible and 10 being fantastically good) I would give these little guys a sound 9! I recommend them to all my customers, and now I will recommend them to you, my readers. If you're able to get a bag, go for it! If you hate mint of any kind, I would stay far far away from these obviously, but if you like mint, or don't have an real opinion one way or the other, give these a try! They're really good!

Rating: B+

Peace, Bitchlets!

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