Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nathan's French Fries and Onion Rings

"Nathan's" is a well known hot dog distrubuter here in the states, yet they've put out a whole line of products who can only hope to stand in the shadow of their famous Hot Dogs. A couple of those products, the readily available "Jumbo Crinkle cut French Fries" and their "Thick cut Onion Rings" are easy to find in any supermarket. Here I will be reviewing both of them, I will not review their hot dogs, as I am not a Hot Dog fan.

I'll start with the Onion Rings first and foremost, while honestly speaking I am not an Onion Ring fan, I found myself at first skeptical. We've bought name brands and off brands and none seemed to be all that great in fact, they were all soggy and mushy. In short, they sucked harder cock in the a hooker at a glory hole.

So when my mother brought these home, I groaned, and in my mind I was like "These will suck too"

To my utter surprise, they were fantastic, I ate more than my normal share of them and actually wanted more! For once, in my life I'd found a truly awesome onion ring! They were crispy, and the batter wasn't overpowering rather it worked well with the onion taste. They also used, y'know, real onions which not many people use, as we all know there are two types of onion rings - ones that used chopped onions and ones that use whole. 

I was pleasantly surprised and they quickly became a staple in our house, and an easy companion to Hamburgers. I suggest if you're leery about frozen onion rings, try Nathan's, you'll never go back to the bargain brand again!

Now, while I hate Hamburgers and most Frozen Onion Rings, there is one product that most people can't fuck up and it's any potato product. Potato bread, scalloped Potatoes, French Fries...you name a potato dish and I'll likely eat it. If not the main course the potatoes at least! I love potatoes! They're versatile and can be used with just about any meat as an awesome accent to a good dinner.

I probably get such an addiction from my Grandmother who was an avid potato lover as well! So it's likely to say that when it comes to French Fries I've had my fair share of them. I don't like very skinny fries, in fact, I like my Fries crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside.

Nathan's achieved just that to some extent, while admittedly the fries are way too thick, they've kept a balance between crunch and mush. I don't mind my fries being a little floppy either, in fact sometimes they're good namely if you're not feeling well. Though I'd love to comment on the taste, I am in fact sick so I couldn't taste very well. Thought the texture was pleasing, and I'd certainly pay the $2.99 for them again! Though I admit, I love tater tots better, Nathans! Come out with a Tater Tot too! Love, BGTF

I'll update more on the flavor next time, luckily I bought two bags so I can give you a more indepth review on them later!

Rating: A

Peace Bitchlets!

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