Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fazer's Tyrkish Peber

Alrighty, I can hear someone asking "the fuck is this?" I'll tell you it says Turkish Pepper, now you see the three flame icons on the front? Those stand for something!
3 - Hottest
2 - Strong
1 - Mild

I know this probably wasn't meant to be very spicy hot but that's kinda what I was expecting when I opened this up to try. They're definitely NOT spicy hot, I'll tell you that right now. In fact I was convinced, even though I was eating the hottest one I'd be like "HOLY FIREBALLS!" but unfortunately it wasn't all that spicy. That isn't to say it wasn't good! In fact, I really like these candies, yes they're Salmiakki flavored but it's a bit sweeter than I had thought it would be. You don't really taste the Salmiakki flavor until the end when you get to the powder in the middle.

While we're on the subject of this powder, that's where your Salmiakki flavor lies, and you really don't taste the pepper so much as you do the Salmiakki flavor with a peppery undertone. It's also not spicy so much as it is very strong in flavor, maybe that's what they meant by "hottest"? I'm not sure but I have absolutely eaten way hotter candies, some that'd peel paint! Though I still love these candies they're definitely delicious!

Would I recommend these to a friend? Yes! If they happened to like Licorice, even if they weren't keen on Salmiakki, the taste isn't overpowering like it is in the pastilles. So if you're in the mood to try something different and fun, give these a whirl!

Rating: B

Peace, Bitchlets!

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