Monday, August 12, 2013

Fazer's Original Pantteri Drops

You know as a child I never was a black licorice type person, in fact, my mother was the type to enjoy Licorice while my child taste buds simply scoffed at it. Why would anyone eat anything so vial!? I would often be caught asking myself, yet as I grew up it grew on me as a whole. I began to enjoy the lovely Licorice flavor and even actively sought it out where I had once avoided it like the plague.

Though my love of licorice would be severely tested when I met an odd guy from Finland who brought me "Salmiakki" or as a bit of an informal translation "Salt Licorice". Though I cannot recall the brand or even the exact type he brought to me, I can only tell you I wasn't sure what to really MAKE of this first experience! Did I like it? Hate it? Fucked if I knew!

It wasn't until that same odd guy visited again, and upon his arrival hauled in a veritable SLEW of the stuff. Among the hoards of bags he brought with him was this Pantteri Salmiakki. As you can see in the photo they're round disc shaped candies which have a nice sugar coating. Now I should probably note that I have a strange love-hate thing going on but I've fast become a supporter of the strange candies.

Though I will admit, Pantteri really changed my attitude on Salmiakki as a whole, it was probably the added subtle hint of sugar that really caused me to favor it rather than hate it. Though the strangest thing isn't my sudden enjoyment of the odd taste, I think strangest of all is the Licorice-Menthol taste combination. I don't believe I recall that being part of my initial experience, I just remember salty black death! Though it could be my memory of my first experience is clouded by the many years that it's been. Personally I like how the Menthol taste breaks up the Salty taste and helps you really enjoy the candy.

Though personally it's a sneaky bastard, you'll be happily enjoying this candy here and all of a sudden BAM! Out of no where the Menthol flavoring has struck you over the head and stolen your money and likely your virginity in the process! So do be forewarned ahead of time, though I should point out while I really do like this stuff on a more personal level, I can completely understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea. So if you can get your hands on it, give it a whirl! I promise you this much, you'll never find another taste like it in the world!

Rating: B+

Peace Bitchlets!

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