Friday, August 16, 2013

Karl Fazer's Pear & Almond Dark Chocolate

I'll be the first to admit, so far as chocolate goes I'm a dark chocolate person through and through. I hate milk chocolate and don't even get me started on Hersey's chocolate! Though among the best chocolate I've tasted, and I've tasted many, Fazer and Lindt has been two of the best chocolates around. I was first introduced to Fazer chocolate on my visit to see a friend of mine in Finland. On the plain right to Helsinki I was offered a complimentary chocolate which was, you guessed it, Fazer brand chocolate. 

The experience always stuck with me and when he came to visit again he brought me 3 different bars of dark chocolate (much to my surprise). One of those bars was the strangest I'd ever heard of, Pear and Almond! I've seen many fruits paired with chocolate, the classics such as orange and strawberry; then some of the strange ones like mango and lemon. So when I saw this I was intrigued beyond compare, pear and almond!? It could either be a match made in heaven or nightmare in hell!

Upon taking my first bite of the chocolate I wasn't very impressed, that is not to say it wasn't good, it just didn't hit me right off. You could clearly taste the bits of pear and almond (yes there are REAL bits of both), but it was gentle and mixed with the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate it was a curious mix. 

That was until I tried it again, then I began to crave it and it didn't help that I happened to be drinking some rather delicious Finnish coffee as well and it tasted so good with it! Fucking hell Finland, STOP making me like things I didn't know existed, this is getting ridiculous now! So yeah I ended up eating a piece or two of it per day until it was gone...sadness. Though I must say the bars are HUGE fucking giant chocolate bars of DOOM! America, I beg of you, get rid of Hersey's chocolate and please bring over Fazer chocolate, I am begging here! Hersey's is shit!

So if you're inclined and/or you can get your hands on a bar of this delicious chocolate, do it! Then enjoy an interesting chocolate taste experience.

Rating: A++

Peace, Bitchlets!

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