Thursday, August 15, 2013

Leaf Sisu Xylitol

Ah Licorice, will you ever stop amazing me? No? Alright, sounds good to me! Here we have another Licorice flavored oddity from the same country who brought the world Salmiakki. Though my first experience with Salmiakki was strained and probably a little more than confusing my first experience with this curious candy was much more positive!

Brought to me by the same guy who's piled on more Salmiakki stuff than I could shake a stick at (I have tried shaking a stick at ate it), when inquired as to what I wanted him to bring with him I replied "Gifu". When he said "Sisu" I was like, "But the box says "Gifu"!" I never did understand how the box could CLEARLY say "Gifu" but really be "Sisu" I don't know! A mystery still indeed, still seriously...stop confusing me!

Anyways, when I first tried these it was a bit off putting, hey, I was young sue me! Though not entirely unpleasant, they were curious more than they were actually tasty. So when I visited Finland myself I found myself craving the strange candies, what the hell was going on? So at the airport I was inclined to buy a box for myself and I've come to associate it's delicious flavor with Finland as a whole. 

The flavor is definitely hard to describe, it's Licorice-y, while having a strange herb like spiciness toward the back there. It's really one of those flavors you don't find every day, the ones that really make you stand up and take notice, it's like a licorice mint, if such a thing really exists! The texture is very gummy, I believe the term is pastille, so they're a bit candy here in America that is for fucking sure! The best thing about these candies is they're not too sweet, in fact, they're not really sweet at all! They taste nice, but there is no obvious sweetness to it, which is great for anyone who isn't a big sweets person!

Though I was warned against eating too much of these as there is Xylitol in it and apparently if you eat too much it's not healthy for you. So, try not to eat a whole box of these in one sitting, though I've never run the risk of that, I can only manage 2-3 in a days time myself. If I had to speak of one bad thing about these it'd there a bad thing to speak of? No? OH WAIT! They don't fucking sell them locally! This is bullshit America, get better candy!

Well if you DO happen to find these online or have a friend who lives in Finland, try these! You'll really enjoy their strong, interesting flavor, if you're anything like me and don't like sweets that are super sweet these will definitely be up your alley! If you don't like 'em...well least you tried, life is all about the experiences, so enjoy it!

Rating: A

Peace, Bitchlets!

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  1. I love your review. While thoroughly amusing, it is totally accurate. Yes, the only bad thing to say about this candy is that it is not sold in the U.S. Soooo delicious!!! :-D