Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Linkosuo's RuisSipsi Sour Cream

Another international food? YES! So fucking shut up and suck it up! This time we're going to enjoy a nice little walk down Rye lane, it seems to me that Finland has found such inventive ways to use Rye to it's advantage. I must admit that Rye is to Finland like Corn is to America, it's just one thing they've really worked with as it's a local crop.

These here are basically Rye Chips, I know the bag says "Crisps" but dammit we're not in England here! So the same odd guy from Finland brought me 2 bags of these, one in Sour Cream and the other in Garlic flavor. He explained to me that the way you eat these is with a dip of some sort, usually made out of Sour Cream. Though, why would you need a dip? These things are not only healthy for you but packed full of so much flavor you won't even consider the necessity of a dip.

If you're American you're probably going "these are healthy AND taste good? What's the catch?" No catch I swear it! They really are healthy for you and they really are quite delicious! I have yet to try the Garlic flavor but these Sour Cream ones are very very good! They taste just like sour cream and rye and it's a lovely gentle combination. The tastes aren't over powering, they're rather gentle and while these chips are rather hard they're easy enough to enjoy. You could also serve these as cute little appetizers add some fancy cheese and the half of a small cherry tomato and you'd have a fun appetizer for guests!

Heck serve these bad boys up with some dip around the table and I promise you your guests won't be disappointed! Though I don't believe they need a dip as they stand on their own quite easily, least they do for me. I can easily see them being paired with a spinach dip or even a plain onion dip, that'd easily go well with this particular flavoring! So in conclusion if you get a chance to try these little gems, try them! I promise they will definitely knock your socks off!

Rating: A

Peace Bitchlets!

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