Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Roddenbery's Peanut Patch Cajun Style Boiled Peanuts

Once upon a time I use to despise the idea of boiled peanuts! I mean who ever thought of such a strange thing!? It just seemed completely weird to me although my parents were only a little more than enthusiastic about them, they'd constantly pester me to try these and I'd always vehemently decline!

That wasn't until a...fuck it, that wasn't until the boyfriend visited recently and we went to Moyock, NC; there they had a store which had a huge pot of these Cajun Style ones. While I wanted the BF to try them, as he's quite the fan of nuts, I was still unwilling to try them myself. Though when he suggested, poked, and prodded me, I finally caved and tried the fuckers! To my utter amazement they were actually quite good!

My mother had described them as being "Bean-like" I don't like beans, so that was one way to completely turn me off of them. Though I was happy to find out that they didn't taste like beans at all! They had a taste all their own and the sauce in which they had been boiled was just as delicious! Though they were pretty spicy, I was not disappointed in the slightest. The texture was the biggest selling point, slightly chewy and amazingly soft and succulent I was happy to find out that they were just as delicious as everyone had claimed.

If I had to really point out a vice of these little peanuts I'd have to say the mess is one part of it I could easily do without. You have to crack the shell in order to eat them, thus you have to deal with any trapped broth inside the shell which has a way of making a huge mess. I think that might be the only problem I have overall with these is the pure mess they make, though I feel more like that's part of the experience!

So if you're curious, like peanuts, and hot stuff do give these a try, for the most part you can sometimes find these in grocery stores like Wal-Mart so maybe see if your local one carries them!

Rating: B

Peace, Bitchlets

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