Friday, August 30, 2013

M & M's White Chocolate Candy Corn

I'm not usually one to like candy corn on any level, I think it has a hideous taste and if I do eat it it's those pumpkin shaped ones, don't ask me why! Though I saw these at Wal-Mart about 2 weeks ago and I swore I had to try them! I mean, white chocolate candy corn? Fucking hell someone was on heroine when they concocted this shit up!

So I grabbed me a bag and before I had even left the store I had the bag ripped open and shoved myself nose first. You could easily smell the white chocolate but no noticeable candy corn scent; confused I took one out, they're quite thick nothing like a standard M&M at all.  So after examining the candy like it was going to bite me (I'm positive it was planning on it) I popped it in my mouth and was VERY surprised. 

I swear it tastes more like butter cream frosting than candy corn at first, then I ate a couple more and it started to sorta taste of Candy Corn but mostly Frosting. Though that was fine for me! I hate candy corn, so it was great that the white chocolate flavoring meshed with the candy corn flavor to create this frosting type flavor. So it was definitely worth the money I paid for it, luckily I can't eat too many of them! They're quite rich, so if you see them at your local store give 'em a whirl! You can't go wrong with White Chocolate anyways!

Rating: A

Peace, Bitchlets!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fazer's Tyrkish Peber

Alrighty, I can hear someone asking "the fuck is this?" I'll tell you it says Turkish Pepper, now you see the three flame icons on the front? Those stand for something!
3 - Hottest
2 - Strong
1 - Mild

I know this probably wasn't meant to be very spicy hot but that's kinda what I was expecting when I opened this up to try. They're definitely NOT spicy hot, I'll tell you that right now. In fact I was convinced, even though I was eating the hottest one I'd be like "HOLY FIREBALLS!" but unfortunately it wasn't all that spicy. That isn't to say it wasn't good! In fact, I really like these candies, yes they're Salmiakki flavored but it's a bit sweeter than I had thought it would be. You don't really taste the Salmiakki flavor until the end when you get to the powder in the middle.

While we're on the subject of this powder, that's where your Salmiakki flavor lies, and you really don't taste the pepper so much as you do the Salmiakki flavor with a peppery undertone. It's also not spicy so much as it is very strong in flavor, maybe that's what they meant by "hottest"? I'm not sure but I have absolutely eaten way hotter candies, some that'd peel paint! Though I still love these candies they're definitely delicious!

Would I recommend these to a friend? Yes! If they happened to like Licorice, even if they weren't keen on Salmiakki, the taste isn't overpowering like it is in the pastilles. So if you're in the mood to try something different and fun, give these a whirl!

Rating: B

Peace, Bitchlets!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Karl Fazer's Pear & Almond Dark Chocolate

I'll be the first to admit, so far as chocolate goes I'm a dark chocolate person through and through. I hate milk chocolate and don't even get me started on Hersey's chocolate! Though among the best chocolate I've tasted, and I've tasted many, Fazer and Lindt has been two of the best chocolates around. I was first introduced to Fazer chocolate on my visit to see a friend of mine in Finland. On the plain right to Helsinki I was offered a complimentary chocolate which was, you guessed it, Fazer brand chocolate. 

The experience always stuck with me and when he came to visit again he brought me 3 different bars of dark chocolate (much to my surprise). One of those bars was the strangest I'd ever heard of, Pear and Almond! I've seen many fruits paired with chocolate, the classics such as orange and strawberry; then some of the strange ones like mango and lemon. So when I saw this I was intrigued beyond compare, pear and almond!? It could either be a match made in heaven or nightmare in hell!

Upon taking my first bite of the chocolate I wasn't very impressed, that is not to say it wasn't good, it just didn't hit me right off. You could clearly taste the bits of pear and almond (yes there are REAL bits of both), but it was gentle and mixed with the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate it was a curious mix. 

That was until I tried it again, then I began to crave it and it didn't help that I happened to be drinking some rather delicious Finnish coffee as well and it tasted so good with it! Fucking hell Finland, STOP making me like things I didn't know existed, this is getting ridiculous now! So yeah I ended up eating a piece or two of it per day until it was gone...sadness. Though I must say the bars are HUGE fucking giant chocolate bars of DOOM! America, I beg of you, get rid of Hersey's chocolate and please bring over Fazer chocolate, I am begging here! Hersey's is shit!

So if you're inclined and/or you can get your hands on a bar of this delicious chocolate, do it! Then enjoy an interesting chocolate taste experience.

Rating: A++

Peace, Bitchlets!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Leaf Sisu Xylitol

Ah Licorice, will you ever stop amazing me? No? Alright, sounds good to me! Here we have another Licorice flavored oddity from the same country who brought the world Salmiakki. Though my first experience with Salmiakki was strained and probably a little more than confusing my first experience with this curious candy was much more positive!

Brought to me by the same guy who's piled on more Salmiakki stuff than I could shake a stick at (I have tried shaking a stick at ate it), when inquired as to what I wanted him to bring with him I replied "Gifu". When he said "Sisu" I was like, "But the box says "Gifu"!" I never did understand how the box could CLEARLY say "Gifu" but really be "Sisu" I don't know! A mystery still indeed, still seriously...stop confusing me!

Anyways, when I first tried these it was a bit off putting, hey, I was young sue me! Though not entirely unpleasant, they were curious more than they were actually tasty. So when I visited Finland myself I found myself craving the strange candies, what the hell was going on? So at the airport I was inclined to buy a box for myself and I've come to associate it's delicious flavor with Finland as a whole. 

The flavor is definitely hard to describe, it's Licorice-y, while having a strange herb like spiciness toward the back there. It's really one of those flavors you don't find every day, the ones that really make you stand up and take notice, it's like a licorice mint, if such a thing really exists! The texture is very gummy, I believe the term is pastille, so they're a bit candy here in America that is for fucking sure! The best thing about these candies is they're not too sweet, in fact, they're not really sweet at all! They taste nice, but there is no obvious sweetness to it, which is great for anyone who isn't a big sweets person!

Though I was warned against eating too much of these as there is Xylitol in it and apparently if you eat too much it's not healthy for you. So, try not to eat a whole box of these in one sitting, though I've never run the risk of that, I can only manage 2-3 in a days time myself. If I had to speak of one bad thing about these it'd there a bad thing to speak of? No? OH WAIT! They don't fucking sell them locally! This is bullshit America, get better candy!

Well if you DO happen to find these online or have a friend who lives in Finland, try these! You'll really enjoy their strong, interesting flavor, if you're anything like me and don't like sweets that are super sweet these will definitely be up your alley! If you don't like 'em...well least you tried, life is all about the experiences, so enjoy it!

Rating: A

Peace, Bitchlets!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Roddenbery's Peanut Patch Cajun Style Boiled Peanuts

Once upon a time I use to despise the idea of boiled peanuts! I mean who ever thought of such a strange thing!? It just seemed completely weird to me although my parents were only a little more than enthusiastic about them, they'd constantly pester me to try these and I'd always vehemently decline!

That wasn't until a...fuck it, that wasn't until the boyfriend visited recently and we went to Moyock, NC; there they had a store which had a huge pot of these Cajun Style ones. While I wanted the BF to try them, as he's quite the fan of nuts, I was still unwilling to try them myself. Though when he suggested, poked, and prodded me, I finally caved and tried the fuckers! To my utter amazement they were actually quite good!

My mother had described them as being "Bean-like" I don't like beans, so that was one way to completely turn me off of them. Though I was happy to find out that they didn't taste like beans at all! They had a taste all their own and the sauce in which they had been boiled was just as delicious! Though they were pretty spicy, I was not disappointed in the slightest. The texture was the biggest selling point, slightly chewy and amazingly soft and succulent I was happy to find out that they were just as delicious as everyone had claimed.

If I had to really point out a vice of these little peanuts I'd have to say the mess is one part of it I could easily do without. You have to crack the shell in order to eat them, thus you have to deal with any trapped broth inside the shell which has a way of making a huge mess. I think that might be the only problem I have overall with these is the pure mess they make, though I feel more like that's part of the experience!

So if you're curious, like peanuts, and hot stuff do give these a try, for the most part you can sometimes find these in grocery stores like Wal-Mart so maybe see if your local one carries them!

Rating: B

Peace, Bitchlets

Linkosuo's RuisSipsi Sour Cream

Another international food? YES! So fucking shut up and suck it up! This time we're going to enjoy a nice little walk down Rye lane, it seems to me that Finland has found such inventive ways to use Rye to it's advantage. I must admit that Rye is to Finland like Corn is to America, it's just one thing they've really worked with as it's a local crop.

These here are basically Rye Chips, I know the bag says "Crisps" but dammit we're not in England here! So the same odd guy from Finland brought me 2 bags of these, one in Sour Cream and the other in Garlic flavor. He explained to me that the way you eat these is with a dip of some sort, usually made out of Sour Cream. Though, why would you need a dip? These things are not only healthy for you but packed full of so much flavor you won't even consider the necessity of a dip.

If you're American you're probably going "these are healthy AND taste good? What's the catch?" No catch I swear it! They really are healthy for you and they really are quite delicious! I have yet to try the Garlic flavor but these Sour Cream ones are very very good! They taste just like sour cream and rye and it's a lovely gentle combination. The tastes aren't over powering, they're rather gentle and while these chips are rather hard they're easy enough to enjoy. You could also serve these as cute little appetizers add some fancy cheese and the half of a small cherry tomato and you'd have a fun appetizer for guests!

Heck serve these bad boys up with some dip around the table and I promise you your guests won't be disappointed! Though I don't believe they need a dip as they stand on their own quite easily, least they do for me. I can easily see them being paired with a spinach dip or even a plain onion dip, that'd easily go well with this particular flavoring! So in conclusion if you get a chance to try these little gems, try them! I promise they will definitely knock your socks off!

Rating: A

Peace Bitchlets!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fazer's Original Pantteri Drops

You know as a child I never was a black licorice type person, in fact, my mother was the type to enjoy Licorice while my child taste buds simply scoffed at it. Why would anyone eat anything so vial!? I would often be caught asking myself, yet as I grew up it grew on me as a whole. I began to enjoy the lovely Licorice flavor and even actively sought it out where I had once avoided it like the plague.

Though my love of licorice would be severely tested when I met an odd guy from Finland who brought me "Salmiakki" or as a bit of an informal translation "Salt Licorice". Though I cannot recall the brand or even the exact type he brought to me, I can only tell you I wasn't sure what to really MAKE of this first experience! Did I like it? Hate it? Fucked if I knew!

It wasn't until that same odd guy visited again, and upon his arrival hauled in a veritable SLEW of the stuff. Among the hoards of bags he brought with him was this Pantteri Salmiakki. As you can see in the photo they're round disc shaped candies which have a nice sugar coating. Now I should probably note that I have a strange love-hate thing going on but I've fast become a supporter of the strange candies.

Though I will admit, Pantteri really changed my attitude on Salmiakki as a whole, it was probably the added subtle hint of sugar that really caused me to favor it rather than hate it. Though the strangest thing isn't my sudden enjoyment of the odd taste, I think strangest of all is the Licorice-Menthol taste combination. I don't believe I recall that being part of my initial experience, I just remember salty black death! Though it could be my memory of my first experience is clouded by the many years that it's been. Personally I like how the Menthol taste breaks up the Salty taste and helps you really enjoy the candy.

Though personally it's a sneaky bastard, you'll be happily enjoying this candy here and all of a sudden BAM! Out of no where the Menthol flavoring has struck you over the head and stolen your money and likely your virginity in the process! So do be forewarned ahead of time, though I should point out while I really do like this stuff on a more personal level, I can completely understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea. So if you can get your hands on it, give it a whirl! I promise you this much, you'll never find another taste like it in the world!

Rating: B+

Peace Bitchlets!