Friday, June 19, 2015

Karl Fazer's Raspberry Yoghurt in Milk Chocolate

Apologies for not updating in a long while!
So recently I moved to Finland! Exciting right? Well with the move there have been many different things to try. Finland's most notable chocolate company is Karl Fazer, they've been producing chocolate in Finland since 1891 based out of central Helsinki. Despite their long running time they still seem to hold a high standard to their chocolate!

I actually spotted this little bar of chocolate in my local Siwa (convenience store chain), and decided to give it a try. Raspberry plus chocolate equal awesome normally. When you open the package you notice there are 5 or 6 little squares of chocolate each segregated by an indent. This makes for easy breaking and gives you quite the view of the yoghurt inside. Delicious yoghurt innards!

What I hadn't expected was how delicious this would turn out to be. The yoghurt filling is creamy and has a strong note of raspberries, but it's not just a raspberry essence, it's real raspberries! Points to Fazer for using dried fruit instead of going the cheap way of "flavorings". However it DOES have flavorings but it also seems to be kept to a minimum. Way too many chocolate companies take the cheap way out with just artificial flavorings.

What really gets me the most is reading just the ingredients list I see that they don't use a lot of preservatives. They keep their chocolate fairly organic if you will. I mean they do use some preservatives just not a whole list worth. This you can taste in the chocolate, not only that you can feel it in the smooth consistency of both the chocolate and yoghurt. This became a fast favorite of mine and I am typically not a fan of milk chocolates, though it seems like the Finns, Fazer has absolutely captured my heart!

If you are a fan of raspberries and chocolate try to snag a bar, I promise you won't regret it! Even if you must import it or bug a Finnish friend to get it!

Rating: A+

Peace, Bitchlets!

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