Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lotsus's Biscoff Biscuit

So these cookies are, well let us just say they're fucking awesome! You want a biscuit with your tea? Coffee? Blood? Milk? Look no further this biscuit is for you! Eaten on their own they are still very delicious, they almost seem to fall to pieces in your mouth. They have this brown sugar cinnamon taste that is to die for! However the the real magic happens when you dip them into some deliciously cold or warm beverage!

They soak up the liquid quite quickly so it's best not let it stew too long. Even a very quick 2-3 second dunk seems to be plenty to make them deliciously soft. They have this lovely consistency that makes you want to eat the whole package. In fact I have eaten one package a day of these cookies and this is a rather good sized package mind you. They're absolutely irresistible if you like cinnamon that is!

I am not a big biscuit/cookie person and I really don't know if there is much of a difference between the two. They do tend to both be dry and boring. Yet there are the few treasures out there and this is one of them! The best thing about these biscuits? They're versatile! Think I'm fucking lying? Well I'm sure as hell not!

See? You cannot deny a biscuit that will give you motherfucking cheesecake!
Now they DO sell these in America, if I could find it in Melfa, VA I'm fairly sure you can find it in your local Walmart at best. If you're living in Finland, so far I've only found the cookies at the Prisma. However, with these cookies you can easily make the spread so no worries!
(If you don't have access to Vegetable Shortening use Butter instead)

Peace Bitchlets!

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